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Hey guys,

It's been a while since i did not made any posts in this dev blog, there's some good news. The upcoming product called PayPal Paid Downloads seller is on it's way and it will be released soon. It is pretty easy to use and it is flexible enough, so it does offer you options and in the same time it will not require a rocket scientist's degree to operate. It is actually pretty simple. I'm looking for beta testers. The product will be Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 native, so if any of you guys would like to participate, please let me know via the contact form. Here are some screens from the product:


There will be a bunch of options requested by current clients. If you have any ideas or recomendations, just let me know!


Best Regards,
Deain Motov 

I would like to thank to all users who left all those great reviews on Joomla! extension directory regarding DOCman PayPal IPN product, i really appreciate it that makes me keep working with more efforts than ever to turn this into the number one solution for selling files with Joomla! Also a big thanks to the people who contributed by making translations of the product, i really appreciate it!

Best Regards,
Deian Motov

I've been  working on this site for a while and i'm really pleased with the results. Overall i think it became a decent website and i like it. If i can think of anything else i will do it but so far i think it's simple and easy to use for my customers. I hope you guys will enjoy it and share your opinion with me. Now i have to make a new Contact form, test here and there and move on.

Thanks for you suppot.

This is the first blog post in this section and there is a lot more to come, since i really like our new site i decided to use it also as a blog instead of having separate wordpress installation. Thanks for you attention on this and i hope you enjoy our articles and posts.

Thank you!


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